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What better for acne scar - Mederma or Contractubex?

The question as to which drug is more effective for acne scar - Mederma or Contractubex - must be considered from the perspective of the use of these funds. Despite the use of similar, these drugs were originally created with different very specific goals.

Mederma for acne scar
Mederma is, above all, to deal effectively with cosmetic scars small size. To include such small traces that remains after removal of tattoos, small cuts or acne. At the same time, the manufacturers claim that Mederma can be successfully used to combat stretch marks, which are formed during pregnancy or too rapid weight changes. Get rid of cosmetic defects using Mederma not work, but the skin is much better, and stretching can perceive ultraviolet light, which allows the skin to bake evenly. Tan with will stretch almost invisible.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews of Mederma for acne scar

I made the mistake of not taking care of my skin while I was pregnant …

Acne impact on the human psyche

Acne not only causes cosmetic defects of the skin, but often affects the psyche of people suffering from this painful and extremely unpleasant disease. Particularly affected the psyche of young people who believe acne is serious appearance problem and therefore consider them to be flawed. Meanwhile, it is at a young age lays the foundation of personality, and low self-esteem can play in this process is very negative role. Feeling of inferiority may make the person at best uncertain and emotional restraint, and at worst - angry at the whole world.

Man is so constituted that it is very important to look into the eyes of others, if not by the written handsome, at least to those who are looking at the others do not divert his eyes in embarrassment. More people, particularly the young receive positive feedback from others about their appearance, the better of his psychological state. It is connected with absolute certainty that it was from a good-looking is highly dependent relationship wi…

Acne - due to abuse of cosmetics

Today, one in three people in the world in varying degrees, suffer from acne. Some people "lucky", and the region is limited to a little rash of small pimples. Others suffer from a large number of inflammatory acne, which are not only harmful to health (risk of infection is increased many times), but also reduce the self-esteem, cause serious psychological trauma.

Skin problem - a real problem for teenagers. During this period, the skin requires the most careful care. Do not rush to include computers and ask advice from online friends. Do not believe the hype that broadcast TV. It is better to seek professional help

Cosmetologist said “acne occur in 12-16 years, and after puberty themselves gradually disappear " - Skin - a measure of the internal organs. If a rash on it, so in the first place to check the liver. While most often the problem skin - a sign of malnutrition. Therefore, the appearance of acne need to abandon the "fast" food, sweet, peppered, salted,…

Contractubex: get rid of acne scars quickly and effectively

Scars - the inevitable consequence of any damage to the skin. Their education - a unique and highly effective way of the body as quickly as possible to close the wound or incision.

But the same scars as if they were necessary to our body, often caused problems with social and psychological problems.

Indeed, there are no scars, which would make people more beautiful than without them. Even the popular expression of the scars that adorn a man is more soothing than postulating nature.

And no matter what the scar is on the body - long postoperative scar or small points after heavy acne - all they dream of the owners get rid of.

Especially for these cases, a German pharmaceutical company Merz was developed gel Contractubex, soon after entering the market has become a benchmark of efficiency in cleaning the skin from scarring.

Filling Contractubex for acne scras
In addressing the issue of effective impact on scars, manufacturers Contractubex used a very specific set of components.

Of these…

Laser therapy for acne scars: a quick fix postacne

The widespread use of laser beams in cosmetology and medicine started relatively recently - in the last quarter century. But in spite of such youth laser techniques, their capabilities have allowed this technology to become today one of the most popular.
The reason is simple: the laser beam analogues do not exist, allows microsurgical and recovery operations at the level of groups of cells. But such precision is particularly relevant where a gross interference allowed.
One such area is the use of laser treatment for scars. Indeed, the possibility of cutting jewelry scar tissue and adjusting its kind can solve many cosmetic problems here and now, without a long-term procedures and expectations of gradual improvements.
Laser therapy for acne scars: the essence of technology
Should be distinguished from laser therapy surgery. The first laser beams that much more power that allow for ultra-thin sections of all tissues.
With laser therapy is not the main purpose of the mechanical action o…

Postacne: Home treatment

If you managed to successfully get rid of acne on the face, then not always means that the skin is completely come back to normal. It often happens that one problem is replaced by another, when the skin are very ugly scars, age spots, enlarged pores and other evidence of the recent presence of acne. Such phenomena are collectively called post-acne treatment is often possible in the home.

If the symptoms of post-acne is not very pronounced, you can try to remove them yourself. If traces of acne characterized by deep skin lesions, which occupies a large area, post acne home treatment is likely to be ineffective and will need more qualified cosmetic care.

So, what do you need to pay attention in self post acne removal treatment was carried out at home? Postacne: Skin cleansing
Regular cleaning should be on the first place in the self-treatment of post-acne. To skin recovered completely, it should provide a good metabolism. Timely removal of exfoliating particles, dust, excess sebum, mak…