Contractubex: get rid of acne scars quickly and effectively

Contractubex: get rid of acne scars quickly and effectively
Scars - the inevitable consequence of any damage to the skin. Their education - a unique and highly effective way of the body as quickly as possible to close the wound or incision.

But the same scars as if they were necessary to our body, often caused problems with social and psychological problems.

Indeed, there are no scars, which would make people more beautiful than without them. Even the popular expression of the scars that adorn a man is more soothing than postulating nature.

And no matter what the scar is on the body - long postoperative scar or small points after heavy acne - all they dream of the owners get rid of.

Especially for these cases, a German pharmaceutical company Merz was developed gel Contractubex, soon after entering the market has become a benchmark of efficiency in cleaning the skin from scarring.

Filling Contractubex for acne scras

In addressing the issue of effective impact on scars, manufacturers Contractubex used a very specific set of components.

Of these three elements working on Contractubex for acne scars. They are:

- Extract the bulbs sulfur, the content of which is 10 grams per 100 grams of gel;
- Heparin, in the amount of 5,000 IU;
- Allantoin - 1 gram per 100 grams of product.

Interestingly, the natural botanicals - onion extract - extracted from plants grown on special farms. This is - a very common practice in Europe.

In addition to the main components in Contractubex contains several auxiliary polyethylene glycol, sorbic acid, xanthan gum, water and others.

But the most important effect on the scars themselves has exactly three-active center Contractubex.

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Contractubexfor acne scras : the principle of action on scars

Major cosmetic effects Contractubex are softening and moisturizing the acne scar tissue. The responsibility for mitigating tissue is heparin, while allantoin regulates the water content in it.

This double effect allows to achieve elasticity and softness of the connective tissue scar, whose mission is initially reversed - to be as thick and strong.

And after such a loosening of scar in the process includes the onion extract, reduces the volume of the tissue and preventing its spread.

In addition, allantoin encourages the recurrence of blood circulation in the rumen and restores its normal pigmentation.

And soon after complex exposures to Contractubex scar tissue, however old it may be, is starting to become a regular, no different from the skin.

Speed and efficiency of Contractubex foe acne scars

The rate of recovery of normal skin in place scars depends on the nature, size, age, and attentiveness to the patient.

Young, fresh scars, and especially - small inconspicuous scars left after acne, when applied Contractubex bid disappear within two to three months.

The old, large scars - especially after the cut wounds or burns, require longer treatment.

In their treatment should not only apply the gel to the surface of the scar, but also impose a pressure bandage at night for better absorption of the gel.

Given this, the effectiveness of Contractubex processing any type of scars you can use it for medical and cosmetic purposes. And most gel - in demand and popularity in the market.


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  3. Haven't thought that Contractubex can be used as an effective remedy to diminish acne scars. Well I guess I can recommend this ointment to anyone who are suffering from scars! Worth to try!

  4. Dr.D.M Mahajan is an expert on cosmetic treatment. he is warning against fake acne scars treatment hauz khas which do more harm than good.

  5. How many days will the acne scars will removed? Cuz I tried a lot of products already. And it doesn't work. How can I make this would be gone easily?

  6. I had this product about month ago, my sister gave it to me because I'm suffering right now to a pimple breakout and those pimples leaved a dark marks on my face, since contactubex is a healing ointment to a scar. The idea pop to my mind that I should give this product a shot, maybe this will be the answer to my problem. I will surely come back after a month to testify the effectiveness of the said product.


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