Postacne: Home treatment

If you managed to successfully get rid of acne on the face, then not always means that the skin is completely come back to normal. It often happens that one problem is replaced by another, when the skin are very ugly scars, age spots, enlarged pores and other evidence of the recent presence of acne. Such phenomena are collectively called post-acne treatment is often possible in the home.

If the symptoms of post-acne is not very pronounced, you can try to remove them yourself. If traces of acne characterized by deep skin lesions, which occupies a large area, post acne home treatment is likely to be ineffective and will need more qualified cosmetic care.

So, what do you need to pay attention in self post acne removal treatment was carried out at home?

Postacne: Skin cleansing

Regular cleaning should be on the first place in the self-treatment of post-acne. To skin recovered completely, it should provide a good metabolism. Timely removal of exfoliating particles, dust, excess sebum, makeup residues allow the skin to breathe and feed quality. The use of special scrubs can help lighten pigmented skin.

At the time of post-acne treatment is better to abandon the usual cosmetic and therapeutic use of cosmetic products. This is especially true in the presence of oily skin.

Postacne: Then narrowing

Along with purging good use special masks to narrow pores - egg, fruit, vegetables. Regular use of medical masks in the early post-acne treatment significantly improves the texture and color.

Postacne: Medicated creams and tonics

Another important component of post-acne treatment at home is the use of special tonics to restore the barrier function of the skin. In addition, these tonics increase susceptibility to the effects of other skin cosmetics and enrich the skin with vitamins, improving the effect of home treatment.

It is also highly recommended in the treatment process to use special treatment cream that fully restore the structure of the skin. The composition of these creams for the treatment of post-acne include components that increase the amount of collagen and elastin in the skin. Elastin and collagen fibers are a kind of framework for firm and smooth skin.

These components include the medicinal creams, especially kolhibin extract, Asian pulp and shea butter. Impact kolhibina expressed in the oppression of fracture skin collagen, while shea butter extract and Asian pulp increased synthesis of elastin and collagen fibers. In addition, proteins kolhibina nourish, moisturize and protect your skin from the negative effects of the environment, improve microcirculation in the skin and increases metabolism.

Postacne: Regeneration of skin cells

The higher the speed of cell regeneration, the faster recover scars left by acne. In order to accelerate the formation of new skin cells at home is good use of aloe juice. Cream that contains aloe leaf juice, besides perfectly moisturized. If this cream also contains a seaweed, it increases the resistance of the skin against aggressive environmental influences.

Postacne: Vitamins

A role in the treatment of post-acne play and vitamins. Regular consumption of foods rich in vitamins, good will to nourish the skin from the inside, and the use of creams containing vitamins for the skin, it will improve the condition of the outside. For example, panthenol (vitamin B5) accelerates the recovery of the stratum corneum, and tocopherol (vitamin E) protects the skin from free radicals.

As practice shows, the correct approach to the treatment of post-acne at home shows excellent results. But in the presence of complex shape post-acne treatment is better left to professionals.


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