Acne - due to abuse of cosmetics

Today, one in three people in the world in varying degrees, suffer from acne. Some people "lucky", and the region is limited to a little rash of small pimples. Others suffer from a large number of inflammatory acne, which are not only harmful to health (risk of infection is increased many times), but also reduce the self-esteem, cause serious psychological trauma.

Skin problem - a real problem for teenagers. During this period, the skin requires the most careful care. Do not rush to include computers and ask advice from online friends. Do not believe the hype that broadcast TV. It is better to seek professional help

Cosmetologist said “acne occur in 12-16 years, and after puberty themselves gradually disappear " - Skin - a measure of the internal organs. If a rash on it, so in the first place to check the liver. While most often the problem skin - a sign of malnutrition. Therefore, the appearance of acne need to abandon the "fast" food, sweet, peppered, salted, and smoked. Poor skin affected by smoking, inferior sleeps and stress, abuse of make-up. "

Acne also appears due to increased secretion of sebum, a disturbance of self-healing cells in the ducts of the sebaceous glands. Subsequently, this may lead to their blockage and move microbes, bacteria, fungi.

Very adversely affects the skin squeezing blackheads. Squeezing a pimple, we "We let 'bacteria deeper into the skin, and this appears inflammation. That follows it - is known to all: redness, inflammation, swelling, and hyperpigmentation. At what these phenomena are sometimes impossible to cope.

Acne - is a skin disease that needs a comprehensive treatment. Before you start it, you need to examine the nervous, immune, digestive and endocrine systems.

In order to prevent acne, watch for skin - Wash your face morning and evening with special detergents. During that make a gentle massage. "

If the skin acne does occur, use tonics with low content of salicylic acid or alcohol. In this environment, the microbes will simply not survive. It is also useful to wash the face decoction of mint, calendula, chamomile, which have an antiseptic effect.

The skin to be fresh and firm, use the moisture. Winter skin better wet evening and in the morning to use the cream. In spring and summer, do the opposite: apply the cream in the evening, morning - moisturize.

In the selection of cosmetics is better to consult a beautician who will call your skin type and advise its features. Such councils in most salons give free.


  1. Yes it might possible that your body will resist because of sudden abuse of cosmetics.but you can also use ice cubes to get rid of their acne blemishes at home. Wrap an ice cube in a cotton cloth and rub it on the affected areas for 10 to 15 minutes every day.


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