Acne impact on the human psyche

Acne not only causes cosmetic defects of the skin, but often affects the psyche of people suffering from this painful and extremely unpleasant disease. Particularly affected the psyche of young people who believe acne is serious appearance problem and therefore consider them to be flawed. Meanwhile, it is at a young age lays the foundation of personality, and low self-esteem can play in this process is very negative role. Feeling of inferiority may make the person at best uncertain and emotional restraint, and at worst - angry at the whole world.

Man is so constituted that it is very important to look into the eyes of others, if not by the written handsome, at least to those who are looking at the others do not divert his eyes in embarrassment. More people, particularly the young receive positive feedback from others about their appearance, the better of his psychological state. It is connected with absolute certainty that it was from a good-looking is highly dependent relationship with the opposite sex, career and overall life success.

With this false mental attitude of superiority over the appearance of the inner world of man and related to the fact that some young people with acne, reduced self-esteem, and some of them are starting to feel for myself and disgusted. The result: a sense of exclusion, isolation and unsociable unjustified and excessive shyness. These psychological problems can affect any negative impact on education, work and relationships with loved ones. And this in turn only strengthens the conviction of a young man that all his troubles are associated exclusively with acne.

Break out of this vicious circle can be by following the recommendations of psychologists here.

1) Realize that you are in no way to blame. Acne - This is the most common disease that is exactly the same as, for example, a sore throat, gastritis, or nearsightedness. Medicine today has effective treatments for acne, consult a specialist and go through the treatment.

2) Remember that your problem is not unique. Acne affecting millions people on the planet. And those lucky people, who have never had acne and associated experiences, can be counted on one hand.

3) What you are less likely to be thinking about your acne; the less likely it will be noticed by others.

4) If your feelings about acne so severe that handle them yourself is not possible, contact a psychologist.


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