Laser therapy for acne scars: a quick fix postacne

Laser therapy for acne scars
The widespread use of laser beams in cosmetology and medicine started relatively recently - in the last quarter century. But in spite of such youth laser techniques, their capabilities have allowed this technology to become today one of the most popular.

The reason is simple: the laser beam analogues do not exist, allows microsurgical and recovery operations at the level of groups of cells. But such precision is particularly relevant where a gross interference allowed.

One such area is the use of laser treatment for scars. Indeed, the possibility of cutting jewelry scar tissue and adjusting its kind can solve many cosmetic problems here and now, without a long-term procedures and expectations of gradual improvements.

Laser therapy for acne scars: the essence of technology

Should be distinguished from laser therapy surgery. The first laser beams that much more power that allow for ultra-thin sections of all tissues.

With laser therapy is not the main purpose of the mechanical action of rays on the fabric, and the powerful stimulation of metabolic processes. But it is because of the higher energy of these rays laser therapy is more effective than, for example, phonophoresis.

The principle of the laser beams on the tissues of the body is the intensification of intracellular metabolism and in processing. This is particularly true for scars: the more active they will be in the metabolism, the faster they will become smooth and normal skin.

Laser therapy for acne scars: the spectrum of problems solved

Due to the normalization of metabolic processes in all tissues processed by methods of laser therapy to address the following objectives:

- Treatment and disposal of large scars:
- Laser acne treatment and its consequences - a network of small scars and pits;
- Treatment of skin pigmentation;
- Laser hair removal and hair removal;
- Resurfacing and improving the structure of its surface;
- Hide and removing vascular lesions - reticula veins, bruising and hematomas.

Of course, for a variety of problems, and apply a variety of methods.

Some are stronger and powerful, but it is quite aggressive. For example, the method of the carbon dioxide laser therapy allows for one session and a few months recovery period to get rid of even the oldest and deep scars. But the limitations of this method have many, for both the patient and the doctor.

Other ways, by contrast - soft and designed for a longer period.

Laser therapy for acne scars

Postacne - this is the perhaps the common cause of laser in cosmetology.

To get rid of unsightly small Acne scars and dents to use very gentle method of therapy - cold laser therapy.

At the same time with the laser beam skin is treated with special cooling agent to help prevent burning is the epidermis.

After only a few sessions of laser therapy, lasting about half an hour and held once every 2-3 weeks, the skin is significantly improved, there is flattening of scars and wrinkles disappear.

Conducted a systematic procedure, combined with the use of various gels and creams can and does get rid of the effects of acne and make your skin is clean and smooth.


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