Getting rid of acne with Skinoren

Getting rid of acne with Skinoren
Perhaps few things are as spoils mood as the appearance of facial acne. No magnificent makeup or stylish haircut or a stunning outfit cannot distract from annoying blemishes in the skin. I must say that there was not a problem today or even yesterday. Most likely, as there are so much to humanity, it is struggling with acne. However, unlike the old doctor, modern dermatologists have an arsenal of tools to help you cope with this very common disease. Not only that, every year there are more and more effective treatments for problem skin. One such tool is the excellent results in clinical trials: Skinoren.

Produced Skinoren, the main active substance is azelaic acid, in the form of a gel or cream for external use. He has a pronounced antibacterial activity against pathogenic bacteria that cause acne. In addition Skinoren significantly reduces the number of comedo and reduces the secretion of fatty acids also contribute to acne. Skinoren best helps in the treatment of mild acne and can be a means of maintenance therapy. Skinoren act begins about two weeks after the application.

Getting rid of acne with Skinoren

Skinoren is the means have a complex effect on the skin. It not only kills bacteria and stops the inflammation associated with acne, but also cleans the pores, as well as significantly reduces the secretion of the sebaceous glands. According to the instructions Skinoren cream or gel should be applied to the skin twice a day, preferably immediately after the morning washing and late evening. Apply the medication directly to the affected acne skin, then gently rubbed. Skinoren apply to the complete disappearance of acne. Depending on the duration of treatment of the disease is between two and three months. With the first signs of improvement observed within two to four weeks.

In conclusion it must be said about the additional advantages Skinoren. It can be used with other drugs, it moisturizes the skin, and colorless, sticky consistency has not and does not cause shine. Skinoren favorably with other drugs and that is combined with any make-up and is capable of applying makeup.

The disadvantages include Skinoren only that it sometimes causes irritation in the first days of treatment and need to be protected from the sun. Apart hypersensitive Skinoren has two contra-indications: it is illegal for people with hypersensitive skin and pregnant women.


  1. Greasy oil and dead skin cells make pore-clogged for which toxins can’t go out from our skin and that particular areas, as a result, become the perfect breeding ground for bacterial infection and acne blemishes.
    For acne laser treatment therapy combines bi-polar radio frequency (RF) and blue light. This light spectrum and frequency are used to treat specific “target” conditions of the skin to destroy the active bacteria and slowing excessive oil production and active the healing process of pre-existing acne for leaving the skin with better texture.
    but remember before haveing this therapy because many research have shown side effects of laser treatment

  2. Acne or Pimple is a BIG Problem that crosses the borders of age, gender, race and social status. Benzac AC is a topical water-based gel wiyh its active ingredient benzoyl peroxide perfect for the treatment of acne. Benzac AC aparts from its acne-treatment counterparts is that it does not contain alcohol and it is fragrance free. Read more at:


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