Ozone therapy of acne

Use medications local effects that are applied directly to the problem areas of the skin, are not always effective. Acne - is a consequence of various disorders in the body, which is not always possible to eliminate. But do not despair: there is a proven drug-free method that is able to restore the health and beauty of your skin.

This method is called the ozone therapy. It is perfect, painless, highly effective and has almost no contraindications.

Why is it so important for our ozone life on Earth? It keeps harmful to all living things absorb ultraviolet rays and infrared radiation that comes from the earth. This is a more active form of oxygen, which raises the inhabitants of the planet mood after the storm.
By the way, is ozone in the laboratory in the same way as in nature: with electrical discharge. Production of ozone is successfully used in cosmetics: for the treatment of cellulite, obesity (locally), acne, rosacea, spider veins, telangiectasias, varicose veins, stretch marks, skin, post acne and more.

The distinguishing feature of this method is that ozone heals not only the area of the skin where it is introduced, but the whole body.

Specifically for the treatment of acne, ozone therapy is used by disinfecting properties of ozone, as well as lipolytic. The last is that ozone reduces the activity of sebaceous glands. As a germicide, ozone good heals and relieves inflammation.

Ozone therapy stimulates nutrition and improving microcirculation substances in the cells by increasing the plasticity of erythrocytes.

How it looks ozone therapy procedures in the event of a skin problem? It is a micro-injection to areas of pimples or acne. For the full disposal of the problem must be treated, which usually ranges from 7 to 15 sessions.

Pimple, which introduced the ozone comes in during the day and does not leave any scars on the skin. Applied also ozonated water or oil.

In particularly severe cases, along with ozone therapy used mesotherapy. This method - Mesotherapy - is the administration of low doses of medication under the skin using fine needles. After this procedure is virtually no trace. This method is also widely used in cosmetics, and in conjunction with ozone therapy gives excellent results.


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