Tar soap for acne

Tar soap for acne - an old folk remedy to keep the skin healthy. For our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, it was familiar and commonplace tool for the daily care of their skin, but has since gradually emerged from extensive use. But today, thanks to new developments in the use of cosmetics natural, is undeservedly forgotten natural skin care products again in the everyday life of modern man. Especially used tar soap for acne.

But the area efficiency of tar soap is not limited to the treatment of acne. It can help you get rid of hair loss, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, and eczema. With its unique tar soap must birch tar, which contains is at about 10%. A birch tar has powerful antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic properties. In combination with birch tar soap increases blood circulation of the skin tissue and accelerates regeneration. Thanks to these properties of tar wounds and various injuries to the skin dries, what accelerates the process of healing.

Tar soap for acne is unique for its versatility: it is suitable for all skin types, all ages and gender. Moreover, it does not dry or irritate the skin unlike any ordinary soap.

Highest quality tar soap is handmade in factories or soap-boiler-lovers. It is usually produced in solid form as a bar and in a liquid form as a gel. Liquid tar soap has a less pronounced characteristic smell.

Tar soap for acne - effective application

The effective application of tar soap for acne is enough to wash their face or other problem areas twice a day - morning and evening. After rinsing your face tar soap and warm water should be rinsed with cold water. Contrast washing a positive effect on the elasticity of the skin, blood circulation and metabolism of the skin cells.

If the skin suddenly jumped up a spot, Scratch fingernail piece tar soap, and the number put on the sore spot for the night. By the morning of inflammation will be over.

However, tar soap has a single flaw: the smell of tar like it is not everything. To some it may seem, even unpleasant. Fortunately, this disadvantage disappears literally for 10 minutes, so it will not be too high a price for the pleasure of a clean and beautiful skin.

Beauticians and dermatologists recommend the use of tar soap, not only for the treatment of acne. If you regularly use it to wash your hair, stop hair loss, the hair will become thicker and healthier. Tar soap can treat open wounds, cracked heels. Also it is a good remedy for bed sores, scabies, burns, frostbite, boils.


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