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Acne - medical or cosmetic problem?

As for the treatment of acne, there are still controversies to which specialist to turn to the beautician or a dermatologist. To properly answer this question you need to know the etymology of acne, where and why they occur. Acne is an infectious disease that results from the interaction of normal saprophytic bacteria with abnormally oily skin. In general, increased secretion of sebum causes blackheads, excessive greasiness also creates favorable conditions for the development of bacteria in the hair follicles and as a result - inflammation.

This occurs in both girls and boys, peaking at about age 17. The intensity of the lesion is reduced from 21 years to 25 years, they disappear on their own.

Acne in teenage hormonal imbalance due to age, the consequence of which is increased greasiness of the skin. Often, acne is still common in women older than 25 years, most often it is caused by elevated levels of male sex hormones.

Hormones are not the only cause of acne, a lot of them, but becau…