Mineral makeup for acne prone skin

Mineral makeup for acne prone skin
Mineral makeup for acne prone skin is a great choice for problem and sensitive skin. Probably the first to draw attention to the positive properties of minerals used in cosmetics, were plastic surgeons. Thanks to them, today's cosmetologists are in their practice use mineral makeup. Why plastic surgeons are "pioneers" amazing properties of cosmetics made of minerals, and not someone else?

The fact that, after procedures such as peels and laser resurfacing, damaged skin becomes hypersensitive. Particularly affected the patient's skin, which produces cancer treatment and removal of the tumor Cyber Knife or removing cosmetic problems on the face. In order to hide the flaws and redness on the skin, using a simple makeup, which further irritate the skin. It is for this reason, surgeons decided to try using the powder of micronized minerals. Besides the fact that she went to an even layer, hiding defects, this tool is not a bit irritated skin.

Of course, cosmetic skin problems - it's not ultra-hazardous to health status, and in this case does not require treatment of metastases in the liver, spine and lungs, as in serious cancer. Still thinking about the health of the skin should always be, and here it is mineral makeup is ready to come to our aid.

What are the benefits of mineral makeup than usual?

First, it is completely natural. In mineral makeup does not have the components that can be easily detected in routine: perfumes talc, etc. That is why it does not cause any allergies. Moreover overdose from use of minerals to get almost impossible, because tools work only in the epidermis.

Secondly, cosmetics made of minerals do not clog pores.

Third, almost immediately after applying mineral makeup for acne prone skin evenly "adjust" the color of the face, reduces the visibility of any defects (scars, acne, and irritation).

Fourthly, mineral makeup can be used in virtually any climate.

Fifth, in the structure it contains sunscreens that reflect ultraviolet rays.

The advantages of mineral makeup missing, but one can not fail to note the lack. It should be understood that the mineral makeup - it's not a magic bullet that will rid you of all skin problems. She just carefully masks the flaws, but on the cause of it not deliver. Also, before you get the money out of your wallet for expensive cosmetics, should be specified for any type of skin, it is more suitable. This is necessary due to the fact that the formulas of minerals each manufacturer vary.


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