Young potatoes for acne

Young potatoes for acne
Young potatoes for acne -Young potato contains almost no cholesterol in their composition and plant sugars, but it contains a large number of organic acids and valuable fiber, which have a very beneficial effect on the human digestive system. Potatoes contain protein, which is in it, even more than in chicken eggs or fat yogurt. Also new potatoes contains many vitamin C - is only slightly less than in lemons. Because of this, the potatoes have been successfully used to treat and prevent scurvy on long voyages and transitions.

But all of these advantages inherent only to potatoes, ripe and excavated recently. Over time, the content of nutrients in potatoes is gradually reduced. For example, 100 grams of fresh tubers is as much as 20 mg of ascorbic acid. But if these tubers a couple of months, from ascorbic acid in them remains about half of the previous number, and a couple of months - only a quarter.

The skin covering the tubers of young potatoes, very tender and easily scratched out with a sharp knife. If you want to immediately clear the lot of tubers, you can use this way: put a few dozen washed potatoes in a plastic bag, then pour back a handful of salt and mix thoroughly. After that will only wash the tubers of early potatoes under a stream of cold water. Some varieties of potato skin stains the skin, but to protect themselves from this very simple – just before the start of cleaning grease hands with vinegar or lemon juice.

When selecting young potatoes for acne, should pay attention to the tubers were not flaws and signs of damage. There are several options how to use potatoes in the kitchen: it is boiled and seasoned with herbs, or baked in the oven with the meat or vegetables, used as a garnish for roasted meats and cutlets.


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